Review 1: Garage Project Aro Noir

Name: Garage Project Aro Noir


Price: $14 nzd or $3,611 zwd

Aroma: Mild chocolate/coffee

Taste: Hints of malt and chocolate. Coffee wins the day

Will I look cool drinking this?
Unless you’re going to hold the label close to your face whilst drinking this then no.  But if you’re drinking stout then you stopped caring about cool the same
time as the rise and fall of Mumford and Sons.

Would I drink enough of this to get drunk and start miming Journey?
Yes. It’s 7.1% abv so one or seven would probably help you along the way.  Then again, you’re probably the type who cries a lot and has a lot of suppressed emotions.  But who cares! It’s delicious, so get drinking stupid! And JOURNEY!!!!



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