Review 2: Hallertau Porter Noir

Name: Hallertau Porter Noir


Price: $12 nzd or $185,598 vnd

Aroma: Berries/Redcurrant, Faint hint of chocolate

Taste: Berries and Chocolate.  Bit like a black forest gateau. But not in a good way

Will I look cool drinking this?
No.  Whilst Pinot Noir is so sexy it’ll make anything pregnant without foreplay, Brown on Brown labels are not. It’s like watching Richard Carpenter in a biege jumpsuit serenade your grandma on valentine’s day.  Yeah Nah.

Would I drink enough of this to get drunk and start doing the moonwalk for anyone who will watch? No. Even though the idea of a chocolatey porter aged in Pinot Noir barrels sounds like a winner, unfortunately its a bit too sour to drink in abundance.  If it was just a bit sweeter then we’d all be drinking it in droves.  Guess they should’ve served this at Jonestown instead.



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