Review 4: Fierce Beer’s Cranachan Killer

Name: Cranachan Killer Raspberry Oat Pale

 5.5% Fruit Beer

Price: $16 sgd or $8.77 gbp

Aroma: Raspberry/berries, hint of oats

Taste: Raspberries, hints of blackcurrant, citrus, honey, light toasty oats. A kid’s version of the Scottish Cranachan dessert it was named after, even with the alcohol. I’d feed a 5 year old this.

Will I look cool drinking this?
No.  Whilst ‘Cranachan Killer’ sounds like something you’d feed a Highlander, this beer is only befitting gingers in plaid. Something I’d imagine Ed Sheeran to drink when he’s feeling #savage.

Would I drink enough of this to publicly quote that whole speech from Braveheart? No. While it is crisp and kinda drinkable, there are a few things lacking in this – more hop character, for one. It’s as one-dimensional as most Singaporean girls, but I guess at least it isn’t dressed in Lululemon. Yay kick-ass Fierce Beer branding! So…You can take my liver, but you can never take my freedom (of judgement)!!

IMG_0550 copy


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