Review 5: Fierce Beer’s Cafe Racer

Name: Cafe Racer


Price: $16 sgd or $10,263.72 kpw

Aroma: Toffee, chocolatey, coffee, vanilla

Taste: Possibly best described as a beer version of a Kahlua cocktail or a White Russian. Chocolatey, hint of vanilla and dark roasted coffee. Kinda tastes like a cigarette after ice-cream, or ice-cream soda after a smoke. Both after sex. Mmmm

Will I look cool drinking this?
Yeah. There’s a muddafuckin shark in a leather jacket on the bottle!! But if you’re having it in a snifter, it’s dark and black like your soul.

Would I drink enough of this to get drunk and cruise the streets blasting “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now”? Maybe. Especially if you like stouts. It’s not as rich as a stout, therefore light and refreshing enough for you to drink by the carload. But is still has that full-bodied, rounded smoothness of a stout – so the only thing soft about this beer is the dancing that it’ll inspire in you after.



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