Review 8: Tuatara Mot Eureka

Name: Tuatara Mot Eureka

Style: Czech Pilsner

Price: $7.99 nzd or $565.662 npr

Aroma: Fresh tropical hops

Taste: Crisp clear hops, Sour citrus,  Medium bodied, Lingering.

Will I look cool drinking this?
Yes, the bottle looks like some sort of alien artifact that could be a stunt double for edward james olmos face.  American Me, Battlestar Galactica, Blade Runner, Touched by an Angel.  You get the idea.

Would I drink enough of this to walk into a salsa bar and recite the words to la bamba verbatim? Yes.  Even though it has more gas than a flatulent grandparent, like a good grandparent, it will also remind you to eat your greens, as there’s no dessert until you do.  This beer is so hoppy and refreshing, it’s practically a salad that nana would approve of.  Win.20170502_123955-01


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