Review 10: St. Peter’s Cream Stout

Name: St. Peter’s Cream Stout 


Price: $6 sgd or $247.42 rub

Aroma: Coffee, dark chocolate, liquorice, toffee, hint of caramel.

Taste: Like ice-cream soda’s caffeinated, alcoholic step-brother – light bitter notes, full-bodied coffee-creaminess, chocolatey, smoky and roasty all the same. It’s basically stout for people in argyle sweaters.

Will I look cool drinking this?
Sucking on a bottle of this in an Irish pub would probably make you stand out like a Comey in a Trump administration. Serious stout-heads would criticize its lack of carbonation, treacle-like sweetness and lack of traditional body – but “serious stout-heads” is as much of a misnomer as “Trump presidency” anyway, so whatevz.

Would I drink enough of this to ride bears with Putin? Yes. It’s amazingly easy to keep down. Like patriarchy in the 21st century. So once reasonably emasculated by your own embarrassing love for this girly stout, how else would you recover but to go ride bears with Putin?



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