Review 11: Sheppy’s Vintage Reserve

Name: Sheppy’s Vintage Reserve

Style: Cider

Price: $6 sgd or $7416.60 itl

Aroma: Apples, hints of wet wood.

Taste: Apples, tartiness, hints of oaky umami and lightly acidic.

Will I look cool drinking this? Maybe? Only if your idea of ‘being cool’ is actually keeping warm under the canopy of a great apple tree. The label harkens to a time when craft in labels was still something alcohol-makers bothered with, because, well, people generally had more time to perfect shit and little else to do. This was also the time when drinking ciders in general was cool. The only people I know who drink ciders these days are gluten-free basic bitches on a weekend “juice cleanse”.

Would I drink enough of this to lead a group of knights on a quest for the Holy Grail? Hells yeah. And you’ll return to taunt the barkeep a second time! Also, you’ll probably start smelling of elderberries. Either is good enough for you cause you’re a loser who drinks ciders.



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