Review 9: Sheppy’s Raspberry Cider

Name: Sheppy’s Cider with Raspberry 


Price: $6 sgd or $3.38 st. helena pounds

Aroma: Apples, berries

Taste: Hints of tangy apple, underscored with fresh raspberry juice, carbonated and mildly heady – as refreshingly fruity as a church with a gay congregation.

Will I look cool drinking this?
Most definitely, particularly if you were a gainfully employed gay guy who’s into argyle sweaters. It pours a golden-pink, so it’ll look good in a pint in the hand that’s free from no clutching a dick under a table. We had it by the beach and it matched both mood and paddle pop skies perfectly.

Would I drink enough of this to write an angry letter expressing my strong views against homosexualityChild, we hope not. While it is almost physically impossible to get drunk on ciders alone, if you actually do, you’d fine that this one in particular is too pleasant for you to become an asshole on.



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