Review 14: Sheppy’s Cider with Elderflower

There’s nothing quite like getting drunk by the beach. Well, except if you’re getting drunk by the beach on a Monday afternoon, smug in the knowledge that at least 80% of your peers are stuck behind desks, pushing pencils into their own eyeballs. Mmmm yummy.

This Monday afternoon’s day drinking session is set at East Coast Food Village, amidst possible runaway types, people having affairs and fitspo marathon runner types who look like they might bust a nut or their bowels at any time. Tucked between countless nameless BBQ seafood stalls, and satay and chicken wing joints, is a nameless (I honestly forgot the name and also lowkey don’t want you to find it) gem for beer-lovers and alcoholics alike. And when I say it’s tucked, it’s as tucked as a pair of balls on a RuPaul’s Drag Race finalist, aka your mother. Easiest way to find it is to turn left at the main entrance and walk towards the DBS ATM machine. You’ll find it along the way, semi-concealed behind another nameless beer pavilion. Now forget the beer aunties peddling Carlsbergs and Tigers and sometimes happy endings, resist that temptation of cheaper tipples, because this unassuming dive has much, much more.


You’ll find a dizzying selection of over 12 types of ciders, cream stouts, german beers, european lagers and for that friend of yours who just launched his “start-up”, hipster craft pale ales (both good and questionable ones). Most bottles average at $10 and come with a personal 15-second review from the friendly uncle who runs the stall– “7% ah girl, 7%! I warn you ah, this one very strong, 7%!” Bonus points for his choice of outfits, which include namely either of two things– IPA brand tees or metal band tees. Possibly worn ironically.

Having sampled several of the stouts on previous visits, and feeling particularly hungover from the bender I had over the weekend, I settled for another Sheppy’s cider (only as an appetiser before the heavy stuff). After forcing him to read my previous review, my partner in crime settled for the St. Peter’s Cream Stout, which since my last taste, has had a bottle makeover.


Name: Sheppy’s Cider with Elderflower

Style: Cider

Price: $10 sgd or $139.25 mexican pesos

Aroma: Apples, elderflower, teen spirit

Taste: Juicy apple, fruity and citric. Syrupy mouthfeel, low carbonation with a light elderflower finish. Tastes like playing hooky on a work day. Corporate rebellion!

Will I look cool drinking this? Will you ever?! Nah, probably not. The only thing cool about Sheppy’s ciders are that it mostly stays true to its core ingredient– apples. Meaning, you’ll hardly ever taste any of its featured flavours. It’s like the eldest child of a family of underachievers. Oooo everyone loves applessss. Yeah, sorry guys, your name is on the label but you’re not getting any of mom and dad’s money.

Would I drink enough of this to live in a tent at the beach? You don’t need to tell me twice. Where do you think I’m writing this from? Fair warning though, the wifi here ain’t great.

When the sun sets over the horizon, you almost forget how miserable your life is. Or is that the 7% Sheppy’s?


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