Review 16: Coronado Early Bird Milk Stout

Confession time. I am somewhat of a stout slut. Call it my post-colonial hang-up or simply a love for all things dark, but a stout over beer, any goddamn cotton-picking day. So when I was recommended this milk stout from California recently, a stout my friend described as "coffee for alcoholics", I knew I needed … Continue reading Review 16: Coronado Early Bird Milk Stout


The Armaeggdon of Bar Food

I was on a work trip in Chicago-- beat, jet-lagged and foaming at the tits from a 3-hour long meeting that lasted 3 hours longer than it should have. They dropped us back at the hotel where I gave my colleagues some half-assed excuse before sneaking away for a solo dinner. I didn't know where … Continue reading The Armaeggdon of Bar Food

Review 15: Philips Electric Unicorn

Well well well, so festival season is finally upon us and like any miserable sod who has to endure the sudden and violent diarrhoea of #festiewithbestie posts on social media, I headed to my favourite American taproom to find some sense in it all. 3 pints in, and desperately trying to remember why I was … Continue reading Review 15: Philips Electric Unicorn

Review 14: Sheppy’s Cider with Elderflower

There's nothing quite like getting drunk by the beach. Well, except if you're getting drunk by the beach on a Monday afternoon, smug in the knowledge that at least 80% of your peers are stuck behind desks, pushing pencils into their own eyeballs. Mmmm yummy. This Monday afternoon's day drinking session is set at East … Continue reading Review 14: Sheppy’s Cider with Elderflower

Review 13: Menabrea 1846

Name: Menabrea 1846 / Birra Bionda Style: Pale Lager Price: $12 sgd or 22.52 georgian lari Aroma: Dusty cereals, light malts, hint of sweet honey Taste: Clean, crisp, malty, undernotes of bread Will I look cool drinking this? I drank this in a 1 Michelin star restaurant, perhaps because I still wanted to feel real-as and "street" while being served … Continue reading Review 13: Menabrea 1846

Thirsty Girl’s Guide to the Hottest Hipster Joints with the Hottest Staff or, Bar-Hopping for Your Ovaries

Of all the things that the hipster revolution has spawned - hot men to look at - is perhaps, my favourite byproduct of it. No, these men didn’t just miraculously appear. They just grew beards and started dressing ‘better’. While ‘better’ might be a relative gauge in most scenarios, in this case, it simply means … Continue reading Thirsty Girl’s Guide to the Hottest Hipster Joints with the Hottest Staff or, Bar-Hopping for Your Ovaries

Review 12: Delirium Tremens

Name: Delirium Tremens by Huyghe Breweries Style: Belgium Strong Ale Price: $9 sgd or 2518.39 bef Aroma: Apricot, freshly-showered pits Taste: Light apricot, floral, lightly sweet and hoppy sour. Will I look cool drinking this? Possibly. It's a highly awarded beer whose street cred could be attributed from the fact that over a decade after its creation its abv had … Continue reading Review 12: Delirium Tremens

Review 11: Sheppy’s Vintage Reserve

Name: Sheppy's Vintage Reserve Style: Cider Price: $6 sgd or $7416.60 itl Aroma: Apples, hints of wet wood. Taste: Apples, tartiness, hints of oaky umami and lightly acidic. Will I look cool drinking this? Maybe? Only if your idea of 'being cool' is actually keeping warm under the canopy of a great apple tree. The label harkens to a … Continue reading Review 11: Sheppy’s Vintage Reserve

Review 10: St. Peter’s Cream Stout

Name: St. Peter's Cream Stout  Style: Stout Price: $6 sgd or $247.42 rub Aroma: Coffee, dark chocolate, liquorice, toffee, hint of caramel. Taste: Like ice-cream soda's caffeinated, alcoholic step-brother - light bitter notes, full-bodied coffee-creaminess, chocolatey, smoky and roasty all the same. It's basically stout for people in argyle sweaters. Will I look cool drinking this? Sucking … Continue reading Review 10: St. Peter’s Cream Stout

Review 9: Sheppy’s Raspberry Cider

Name: Sheppy's Cider with Raspberry  Style: Cider Price: $6 sgd or $3.38 st. helena pounds Aroma: Apples, berries Taste: Hints of tangy apple, underscored with fresh raspberry juice, carbonated and mildly heady - as refreshingly fruity as a church with a gay congregation. Will I look cool drinking this? Most definitely, particularly if you were a gainfully … Continue reading Review 9: Sheppy’s Raspberry Cider