Review 11: Sheppy’s Vintage Reserve

Name: Sheppy's Vintage Reserve Style: Cider Price: $6 sgd or $7416.60 itl Aroma: Apples, hints of wet wood. Taste: Apples, tartiness, hints of oaky umami and lightly acidic. Will I look cool drinking this? Maybe? Only if your idea of 'being cool' is actually keeping warm under the canopy of a great apple tree. The label harkens to a … Continue reading Review 11: Sheppy’s Vintage Reserve

Review 10: St. Peter’s Cream Stout

Name: St. Peter's Cream Stout  Style: Stout Price: $6 sgd or $247.42 rub Aroma: Coffee, dark chocolate, liquorice, toffee, hint of caramel. Taste: Like ice-cream soda's caffeinated, alcoholic step-brother - light bitter notes, full-bodied coffee-creaminess, chocolatey, smoky and roasty all the same. It's basically stout for people in argyle sweaters. Will I look cool drinking this? Sucking … Continue reading Review 10: St. Peter’s Cream Stout

Review 9: Sheppy’s Raspberry Cider

Name: Sheppy's Cider with Raspberry  Style: Cider Price: $6 sgd or $3.38 st. helena pounds Aroma: Apples, berries Taste: Hints of tangy apple, underscored with fresh raspberry juice, carbonated and mildly heady - as refreshingly fruity as a church with a gay congregation. Will I look cool drinking this? Most definitely, particularly if you were a gainfully … Continue reading Review 9: Sheppy’s Raspberry Cider

Review 8: Tuatara Mot Eureka

Name: Tuatara Mot Eureka Style: Czech Pilsner Price: $7.99 nzd or $565.662 npr Aroma: Fresh tropical hops Taste: Crisp clear hops, Sour citrus,  Medium bodied, Lingering. Will I look cool drinking this? Yes, the bottle looks like some sort of alien artifact that could be a stunt double for edward james olmos face.  American Me, Battlestar Galactica, Blade … Continue reading Review 8: Tuatara Mot Eureka

Review 7: Funk Estate Super Afro-Disiac

Name: Funk Estate Super Afro-Disiac Style: Imperial Stout Price: $7 nzd or $9.12839 byn Aroma: Arabica coffee, Mild vanilla, Roasted malt Taste: Hints of vanilla, slight bitterness, one dimensional cocoa that doesn't linger unlike the sambal udang petai turd you dropped at your friend's house. Will I look cool drinking this? If style over substance is your … Continue reading Review 7: Funk Estate Super Afro-Disiac

Review 6: 8 Wired Tropidelic

Name: 8 Wired Tropidelic Style: American Pale Ale Price: $16 sgd or $11.40 usd Aroma: Tropical fruit, light pineapple, notes of grapefruit Taste: Like an even more basic bitch version of a Kronenbourg Blanc. Lightly hoppy start, moderately bitter finish. Fuck, that really does sound like a basic bitch. Almost nothing else lingers on the palate. Forget the … Continue reading Review 6: 8 Wired Tropidelic

Review 5: Fierce Beer’s Cafe Racer

Name: Cafe Racer Style: Porter Price: $16 sgd or $10,263.72 kpw Aroma: Toffee, chocolatey, coffee, vanilla Taste: Possibly best described as a beer version of a Kahlua cocktail or a White Russian. Chocolatey, hint of vanilla and dark roasted coffee. Kinda tastes like a cigarette after ice-cream, or ice-cream soda after a smoke. Both after sex. Mmmm Will … Continue reading Review 5: Fierce Beer’s Cafe Racer

Review 4: Fierce Beer’s Cranachan Killer

Name: Cranachan Killer Raspberry Oat Pale Style: 5.5% Fruit Beer Price: $16 sgd or $8.77 gbp Aroma: Raspberry/berries, hint of oats Taste: Raspberries, hints of blackcurrant, citrus, honey, light toasty oats. A kid's version of the Scottish Cranachan dessert it was named after, even with the alcohol. I'd feed a 5 year old this. Will I look cool drinking … Continue reading Review 4: Fierce Beer’s Cranachan Killer

Review 3: Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva

Name: Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva Style: Central American/Aged Price: $69 nzd or $239 pln Aroma: Brown Sugar, Toffee, Sweetness, Raisins Taste: Sweet; almost like a rum liquor, Fudge, Vanilla, Cocoa, Brown Sugar Will I look cool drinking this? Yes.  In the glass it's  golden brown in colour with better legs than Ronaldo. And because it's so smooth it's sippable, … Continue reading Review 3: Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva

Review 2: Hallertau Porter Noir

Name: Hallertau Porter Noir Style: Porter Price: $12 nzd or $185,598 vnd Aroma: Berries/Redcurrant, Faint hint of chocolate Taste: Berries and Chocolate.  Bit like a black forest gateau. But not in a good way Will I look cool drinking this? No.  Whilst Pinot Noir is so sexy it'll make anything pregnant without foreplay, Brown on Brown labels … Continue reading Review 2: Hallertau Porter Noir