Review 15: Philips Electric Unicorn

Well well well, so festival season is finally upon us and like any miserable sod who has to endure the sudden and violent diarrhoea of #festiewithbestie posts on social media, I headed to my favourite American taproom to find some sense in it all. 3 pints in, and desperately trying to remember why I was … Continue reading Review 15: Philips Electric Unicorn


Review 12: Delirium Tremens

Name: Delirium Tremens by Huyghe Breweries Style: Belgium Strong Ale Price: $9 sgd or 2518.39 bef Aroma: Apricot, freshly-showered pits Taste: Light apricot, floral, lightly sweet and hoppy sour. Will I look cool drinking this? Possibly. It's a highly awarded beer whose street cred could be attributed from the fact that over a decade after its creation its abv had … Continue reading Review 12: Delirium Tremens

Review 5: Fierce Beer’s Cafe Racer

Name: Cafe Racer Style: Porter Price: $16 sgd or $10,263.72 kpw Aroma: Toffee, chocolatey, coffee, vanilla Taste: Possibly best described as a beer version of a Kahlua cocktail or a White Russian. Chocolatey, hint of vanilla and dark roasted coffee. Kinda tastes like a cigarette after ice-cream, or ice-cream soda after a smoke. Both after sex. Mmmm Will … Continue reading Review 5: Fierce Beer’s Cafe Racer

Pilsner vs Lager. What’s the difference?

All pilsner's are lager's but not all lager's are pilsner's, just like all Australians are c*nts but not all c*nts are Australian. Make sense? To clarify the difference lets do a little beer 101. Modern beer consists of barley, hops, yeast and water. Although there are a multitude of styles such as pilsner, stout, ipa, porter, lambic … Continue reading Pilsner vs Lager. What’s the difference?

Review 1: Garage Project Aro Noir

Name: Garage Project Aro Noir Style: Porter Price: $14 nzd or $3,611 zwd Aroma: Mild chocolate/coffee Taste: Hints of malt and chocolate. Coffee wins the day Will I look cool drinking this? Unless you're going to hold the label close to your face whilst drinking this then no.  But if you're drinking stout then you stopped caring about … Continue reading Review 1: Garage Project Aro Noir