Review 15: Philips Electric Unicorn

Well well well, so festival season is finally upon us and like any miserable sod who has to endure the sudden and violent diarrhoea of #festiewithbestie posts on social media, I headed to my favourite American taproom to find some sense in it all. 3 pints in, and desperately trying to remember why I was … Continue reading Review 15: Philips Electric Unicorn


Review 14: Sheppy’s Cider with Elderflower

There's nothing quite like getting drunk by the beach. Well, except if you're getting drunk by the beach on a Monday afternoon, smug in the knowledge that at least 80% of your peers are stuck behind desks, pushing pencils into their own eyeballs. Mmmm yummy. This Monday afternoon's day drinking session is set at East … Continue reading Review 14: Sheppy’s Cider with Elderflower